What one product in the architectural finishes arena provides a depth of feel, a variety of over 700 finishes, an innovatively creative choice, is sustainable and provides a budget friendly economic alternative for designers and architects?

That one product is 3M™ DiNOC Architectural Finishes, which offers over 700 self-adhesive finishes that run the gamut from wood grain and metallic, leather, stone, marble,  to unique textures, colors and special finishes.  This truly unique product was created nearly 70 -75 years ago for the automobile industry and has seen several generational improvements that bring the  3M™ DINOC product full circle to the fullest sustainable extent. 3M™ DiNOC Architectural Finishes most recently were developed for the Japanese market due to the lack of hard woods and other natural products.  This highly developed and researched sustainable product provides unique and durable finishes for the creative designer and architect.

Today architects, interior designers, and construction professional are utilizing 3M™ DI-NOC in a wide variety of interior and exterior applications and installations.  From retail and banking to gaming, healthcare facilities, hospitals, hotels, academic institutions and the marine industry. Across the architectural finishes industry no one company offers this sustainable, durable and uniquely cost effective product but 3M™ DI-NOC Architectural Finishes. 

Brogan Brands LLC works with interior and exterior designers firms, architectural firms, and other building professionals to select the most appropriate and visually impacting films to enhance your project whether it be new construction or refurbishing a retail store or bank interior.  Our professional installers create environments that can transform the visual feeling and look of a space in one night… 

An example of that transformative refurbishing is include below. The two pictures provides you a real time view of what is possible in one night or weekend for this financial institution.  They closed on Saturday at 12:00 noon and on Monday morning at 9:00 am when the first member customer was serviced the entire project was completed.

Brogan Brands LLC works directly with the 3M™ DiNOC Architectural Finishes national distributor, Designtex and is the only installer of 3M™ DiNOC in the Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo regions.   Here is a vimeo of what is possible and creative with 3M™ DiNOC Architectural Finishes.  http://www.designtexarchitecturalfinishes.com/

Our team of professional installers can transform your older Formica greeter’s desk into a wood grain cabinet and marble desk or counter top finish.   Only your imagination holds you back on what is possible with the outstanding variety of finishes available.

For more information on how Brogan Brands LLC can support your sustainable finishes objective and provide new unique architectural finishes please contact Dennis at dennis@broganbrands.com , or give him a call at 315.382.4437 .

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